How long does weed stay in women hair? The short answer is this. Weed stays in your hair as long as the weed is in your system. Weed stays in your system anywhere from 7 to 100 days. Various other detox methods aside, here is what you need to know about THC testing in Women hair.

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Who Is Testing You?

The laboratory that does the test for your hair will use a different method than other competing laboratories. Some use EIA methods of testing while others use ELISA. Other methods include GC/MS or gas chromatography/mass spectrometry – which is a far less accurate method than the others. What’s important is you need to find out which company is performing the test to determine how accurate the test really is.

Have You Been Using More Than Just Weed?

The tests used for Women hair follicles have been designed for some of the most illicit drugs – meth, heroin, PCP and such. These drugs tend to bind to the hair follicle much more strongly than THC and are detectable up to three years after someone is clean from these hard-core drugs. Users of synthetic pot such as tobacco, hookah and incense have a greater chance of failing the tests because the chemical makeups of these are very similar to that of cannabis.
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The Similarities between Subjects

In the Women hair follicle drug test, the only thing that can change your results (other than the method of testing) is your metabolism. Your age has nothing to do with it. Your weight or height has nothing to do with it. Not even your drug usage (how much you use) has anything to do with it. There are only two things the test cares about – the type of hair you have and your metabolism.

There are two grades that are used to determine your hair type. The first class goes from thin to thick. This measures how closely together your hair follicles are on your head. The other one goes from fine to coarse. This is a measure of how thick a single strand of hair is. The point is this. The darker your hair, and the thicker your hair, the more likely it is that THC will show up on a test.

Can’t I Just Shampoo It?

Unfortunately, because it THC will stay in your hair until the day that you’re completely clean, no shampoo will ever help you. There is no over-the-counter concoction, no chemical, and no prescription that you can get your hands on that will clean your hair THC. Therefore, the fastest way to get rid of THC traces in your hair is to get clean and stay clean and soon as possible. As soon as you are completely clean, the only way to guarantee a negative test is to cut your hair. If at all possible, consider cutting your hair early enough in the process to give your hair a chance to grow at least 1.5 cm. Going into a drug test with a freshly shaven head is extremely fishy and can result in further testing with far more accurate methods than a mere hair follicle test.

There are many people who think that there are other things you can put your hair to clean it from THC. People have tried vinegar, dying their hair, bleaching their hair and have even tried washing the Women hair with laundry soap. None of these methods work. In fact, you’re more likely to fail the test if you use these methods because the tests will show that you have adulterants in your hair. Adulterants are a surefire way to failure test because it will demonstrate that you tried to mask the test.

Ace the Test

The best way to pass your test – especially if you know you that you have one coming up soon – is to detox. The process of detoxification takes time, so the sooner you start, the better. The interesting thing to note about the Women hair follicle test is that it is not designed to detect users who have merely tried weed. What that means is that if you are a one-time user of marijuana, the chance of you failing a hair follicle test is minuscule. The test was designed specifically to detect regular cannabis users. For regular users, these tests can detect THC in your hair starting from 7 to 10 days after it is first used.


The only guaranteed way that you’ll fail the test is if you shave your head. This is especially true if you are going through an employer-sponsored drug test. The employer is not going to wait three weeks for your hair to grow out to take another drug test. They’ll simply hire someone else. If you don’t have hair to test, you will fail.