5 Quick and Easy Ways to Style Your Hair during the Work Week

The way you style your hair during the work week is often quite different from the way you wear it on the weekends. Work day styling usually requires a tighter schedule with less time in which to get ready. This means you may not have as much time to devote to your hair. Below are five quick and easy hairstyles that will help you get out the door fast while still making you look amazing! Ponytail The ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles since the look can easily be changed depending on a number of elements. It can be worn with short bangs for a chic and trendy look, with side swept bangs for a romantic look, or with no bangs for a sophisticated look. For a style that’s always attractive, wrap an inch-thick section of hair around your elastic band to hide it then pin underneath. Read…

Hair Loss Causes

There are several Hair Loss causes. It might be due to small hair shafts, hormonal alterations, scalp irritation or any other factor. Hair also proceeds through a growth phase and rest phase. However, this varies in every individual. Persons normally shed fifty to Hundred hairs strands a day With abundance of hairs, you won’t be able to observe this amount of hair loss. Once the ratio of shedding goes beyond this rate, then it will cause alopecia. Hair Loss Causes Hair Loss Causes 1: Hormonal Changes Hormonal imbalances can start provisional hair loss. Hormonal imbalances might be due to the onset of climacteric, hyperactive thyroid, birth control tablets, childbirth or pregnancy. In pregnancy, a lady could experience a fuller increase of hair, nevertheless, later there will be too much hair loss, that may perhaps last for three months. Provided that the hormonal imbalance is because of testosterone overproduction, there will…