Funky Hairstyles For Men and Women

To discover new look getting bored of your old hair style, so you can do by showing lovely funky hairs. If you want to be a leader of different type of style and unique hair so you can easily do by this hairstyle. In this article we will talk about some of the lovely funky hairstyles which are as follows. One of the lovely funky hairstyle is Fashionista flair, which is a lovely texture of edgy Fashionista. You can sleek your lovely hair into voluminous waves or in curls which makes your style totally worthy. This type of hairstyle you can easily do by curling, just you have to do the curls back comb and leave ends of hair smooth that’s it. It is totally an eye catching funky hairstyle. Another lovely hairstyle is asymmetric Ombre, it is totally a lavish hairstyle. This style is a combination of long shag…

How to increase the life of your hair extensions!

Black hair Extensions have become an important beauty accessory that women of all ages use for different purposes. Young generation use these hair extensions for fashion, makeover or for hair experiments. While business women use hair extensions to save time that they generally spend in the styling of their natural hairs. Hairs extensions are made of some specific type of synthetic fiber that varies from product to product. These hair strands are very popular among women who are fashion trendy and under the influence of showbiz celebrities who always display a new hair style whenever they appear on Television. Just like Transformer star actress Megan Fox who loves to appear in dark color hairs. 1# Attaching hair extension to your natural hairs is a best replacement if you are thinking to go for hair implant that involves various risks such as infection, irritation or even speed up hair loss. Women…