The way you style your hair during the work week is often quite different from the way you wear it on the weekends. Work day styling usually requires a tighter schedule with less time in which to get ready.

This means you may not have as much time to devote to your hair. Below are five quick and easy hairstyles that will help you get out the door fast while still making you look amazing!

Style Your Hair


The ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles since the look can easily be changed depending on a number of elements. It can be worn with short bangs for a chic and trendy look, with side swept bangs for a romantic look, or with no bangs for a sophisticated look.

For a style that’s always attractive, wrap an inch-thick section of hair around your elastic band to hide it then pin underneath.

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No time to straighten or curl your hair before you style? No problem! Just pull your hair into a bun for an instant hair-do that always looks great.

Wear it high in a top knot for a casual yet sexy look or low at the nape of your neck for a professional and sophisticated appearance.


Whether you braid the entire length of your hair or just add one in the front, this is a great way to mix up your look during the work week.

Consider braiding a long section of hair in the front and wrapping it behind one ear for a face-framing look, or braid sections to wrap around your ponytail, bun, or to add a touch of drama to any style.


Regardless of whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy, leaving your hair down is another quick work day style. Maximize your hair’s natural texture by adding a styling spray, mousse, or gel to tame fly-aways and keep your style looking fresh all day long.

For a variation of your usual down look, part your hair on the other side or down the middle.


Clips, barrettes, or decorative pins can add drama, glitz, and fun to any hair style. Slide a sparkly barrette beneath your bun, add a few pins to your braid, or secure your bangs with fun clips for instant diversity and glam.

Clips can also be used to pull back sections of hair on either side of your face or sections in the middle for face-flattering styles.

Try one of these styles each day of your work week and find the one you love the most because you may not always have time to go to that fancy hair salon in New York City.

If for some reason you don’t like one of these hairstyles after trying them, you can get other ideas of how to style your hair by going to places like royteeluck or other places that focus on hairstyle.

We have selected some random hairstyles for your preview, you can easily include your own style in these hairstyles and make your new style wihtout any efforts which gives new looks of your personality.

Style Your Hair

Style Your Hair

Style Your Hair