No matter you are a beginner or even a professional hair care master there are always certain mistakes that occur when Hair Dying.

These mistakes can result in two unexpected effects — wrong color (not the one you wanted) and damage to your hair, or even to the scalp.

Though the detailed instructions are always written on the packages, we hardly ever take our time and read them, so let’s admit that the first people at fault are us.

Before following hair color trends, just look through this list and avoid the mistakes mentioned.

Mistake 1: Apply dye to dirty, and tousled hair.

Hair DyingIf you are planning to color your hair, then start it a month before. The “pre-dying process” should include the following — cut off the dry split ends, and use hair masks to make the hair healthier and stronger.

At the moment of Hair dying make sure your hair is clean and slightly damp. This professional hair care will help you obtain beautiful, and shiny hair.

Mistake 2: Not to check the allergic contents.

Hair DyingHair dying usually contain some chemicals that can have a reaction on your skin. One or two days before dying your hair, apply a small amount of the hair dye to your skin (preferably to the back side of your neck, behind the ear or the internal bend of the elbow).

Allergy can appear in different forms: irritation, itch, inflammation and hair loss. So follow my advice and always check whether you are allergic or not.

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Mistake 3: Prolong the time of dying.

Hair DyingSometimes the wish to keep up with hair Dying color trends makes women go mad and they unconsciously do things that can bring serious hair problems. Not for any reason you should lengthen the hair coloring time that is mentioned by the manufacturer.

If you don’t have the result you want, then redye a week later, but don’t prolong the time for you will have excessively dyed hair, which is neither attractive nor healthy.

If your hair color is too dark or too light from the color of your eyebrows or eyelashes, it still doesn’t mean you should color them. In this case you’ll have to choose between worse and the worst.

You can either lose your eyelashes and eyebrows, or have serious sight problems if even a small amount of the hair dye drips into the eye.

Besides, dyed eyelashes and eyebrows look unnatural. So trust me and always go for those hair colors that will harmonize not only with your skin tone, but also with your natural eyebrows and eyelashes.

These are the worst hair dying mistakes. Do your best to avoid them, and one day you will surprise everyone with your professional hair care about which your healthy and shiny hair will scream out