Your hair says a lot about you and for many women, the way in which they style theirs is all important. If you are the kind of person who likes to set themselves apart from the crowd, try out some attention grabbing hairstyle – one might just suit you.

Shaved Sections

Grabbing Hairstyle first tips, If you are feeling really daring why not shave a section into your hair? For the best look you should style your hair as normal and then shave part of it away.

The section over and around the ear is good, especially if you shave quite a lot at the side. Doing this will really show off your wild side and can give any outfit an edgy look. If you plan on keeping a hairstyle like this you will need to shave it regularly as it can start to look untidy as it grows out.

Grabbing Hairstyle

Volume and Curls

Grabbing Hairstyle second tips, This is one of the most widely copied hairstyles and it has been going in and out of style for years.

You might not think adding volume and curls to hair would be very dramatic, and it’s not when it is soft curls and a little extra bounce. However, what we are talking about here is huge hair, the kind of styles you would expect to see back on 80s TV.

Bigger is certainly better for this style which is bound to get people looking your way, consider using real hair wigs to aid with your volume.

Go Wild with Colour

Grabbing Hairstyle third tips, It’s now possible to have your hair any colour at all thanks to the advances that have made in hair dye.

Go for an all over colour that will shock or try out the new dip dye technique where your hair can go from its natural (or any other colour) at the top to a totally different shade at the ends. This works with short or long hairstyles and can be adapted to suit anyone, so why not give it a try?

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On Trend Fringes

Grabbing Hairstyle fourth tips, Fringes used to be reserved for children and most women wouldn’t have them. Things have changed in the style stakes today and fringes have definitely made a huge comeback – and there are plenty to choose from.

You can go for a long, sweeping fringe that goes over one eye which can be held in place with grips. Or you might want a pin-up fringe that has a tight curl under and takes its inspiration from Betty Page.

To make a statement with a fringe you must have it cut well to start with. This forms the basis of any great looking hairstyle and makes getting it right much easier.

If you have not had one before why not go for a longer style to get you used to having one. Then if you like it you can go shorter and really dramatic.

Grabbing Hairstyle

50’s Glamour

Grabbing Hairstyle sixth tips, The 50s have been back in the spotlight in terms of fashion for a while now and there are some stunning hairstyles that you can copy from this period.

These are the types of look that ooze glamour and will get all eyes on you wherever you go. For the perfect 50s look you will need to have hair long enough to get into rolls, usually around 4”-6” depending on how easy you find it to style your hair.

Take the front sections of the hair, create a parting and then make and pin a victory roll at either side, one should be slightly higher than the other for the best look.

Victory rolls can be hard to perfect at first, but easy once you know how and they will make your hairstyle stand out from everyone else. You can leave your hair straight at the back or go for curls with this style.


Grabbing Hairstyle seventh tips, Whether you plan on zany colour, perfect 50s pin-curls or wild and crazy 80s hair, you will be certain to have all eyes on you wherever you may go! Try the Semi di Lino range to help you grab all the attention your hair longs for!